About Us

DiTech has been the leading and trusted partner for offering innovative and transformative Publishing Solutions. We know what it takes to make a difference in your business. Our quality-driven approach combined with a strong focus on process has helped several publishers achieve their goals.
Our Journey

DiTech Publishing Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of its parent organization “DiTech Process Solutions”. We are one of the prominent and leading service providers for offering pre-press publishing services to global publishers and universities with unmatched service quality levels.

Till date, It has been a remarkable journey of providing our world-class publishing services to 100+ clients from 50+ countries.

In 2017, We formed a company called 3ClicksMaster Inc. for providing technology solutions and product development. 3ClicksMaster successfully launched 2 products famously known as “JMaster” (Journal Publishing) & “Bookish” World’s first cloud-based Cross Media Publishing automation platform.

In 2019, we acquired eAthena Services Pvt, Ltd. to add in to our Publishing services segment. It has since given us huge foot print in the indexing and digitization business.

In 2020, we launched our cloud-based project tracking system for publishers, catering to the needs of remote publishing by enabling the publishers to track their publishing projects in real-time and to increase the cost-effectiveness of their production workflow.

What we do?

Content Management

DiTech offers end to end content solutions to publishers. We pride ourselves for being the one stop solution for all content requirements.


Digital Solutions

DiTech Digital Services provides a full range of end-to-end digital solutions that enhance and transform content and make it digitally available for different device & Media.


Composition Services

DiTech Composition Services provides end-to-end documents composition solutions by leveraging AI/ML to achieve 100% accuracy in the final outputs.


Product & Technology

DiTech has delivered a variety of publishing automation solutions across the globe to many organizations as a software product developer and as a service provider company.


We Help You With The Best Strategies & Execution